Resume: Andrus Adamchik

Andrus (aka Andrei) Adamchik
New York/Connecticut, USA
e-mail: aadamchik at gmail dot com
phone: 917 304-7896


9 years of experience in software design and programming in Java and WebObjects. Projects ranged from web front ends of mainframe systems to turnkey J2EE applications written from scratch, to Java Swing clients interacting with J2EE backend via web services. An active open source developer, Vice President of Apache Software Foundation. An author of Java articles, speaker at technology conferences.

  • 9 years of programming experience - Java / WebObjects / relational databases
  • J2EE: "Sun Certified Enterprise Architect for Java"
  • Open source technologies: Cayenne, Tapestry, Ant, Tomcat, Velocity, Maven, Spring and many others.
  • Java Object-Relational Persistence Technologies (aka ORM) - EOF, TopLink, Cayenne, EJB3 (JPA)
  • Languages: Java, Perl, XML, SQL, Objective C, C
  • Design techniques: UML, Rational Rose
  • Project roles: architect, developer, team leader
  • Platforms: Linux, Mac OS X, Sun Solaris, Windows
  • Databases: Oracle, Sybase, MS SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL (also implemented Cayenne support for Derby, HSQLDB, OpenBase, FrontBase, DB2 and Ingres)
  • Misc.: Unix system administration, HTML, JavaScript, web services, Apache web server, SunOne, WebLogic, JMX, some AJAX, CVS, Subversion, Click.

Commercial Work Experience:

April 2002 - present: ObjectStyle LLC, New York/Atlanta - Founder, CEO, Lead Architect.

Founded ObjectStyle LLC consulting company that provides premium software consulting services and support of open source software. Participated hands on in the following customer projects:

  • National Hockey League (NHL), New York, NY. At various times since 2002 and till present worked as an architect and hands-on developer on an NHL application suite that supports the public site of the league [] and individual team sites. Public applications are extremely high traffic receiving millions of hits a day. Technology used was Cayenne and Tapestry. Deployment environment was SunOne/Oracle, and Jetty/MySQL.
  • TIAA-CREF, New York, NY. As a part of the company migration to a new pension plan management platform (OMNIPlus by Sungard), implemented an intranet Java web application used by phone representatives to prepare participant retirement packages. Web application was written in Tapestry, deployed on a clustered WebLogic server. It worked with a number of mainframe backends, encapsulating the differences between client plans stored in company legacy and new systems. Data access was done via XML web service interfaces, mainframe updates were done via JMS/MQSeries. Other responsibilities included mentoring junior consultants.
  • Technology Developers LLC., New York, NY. [] Designed a system for multi-user graphical content manipulation. Client applications were written in Swing, based on an in-house plugin framework. 2D graphics rendering was done using Piccolo open source framework. Content server was accessed via a web service based on Cayenne Remote Object Persistence technology.
  • BKS Networks, Stamford, CT. [] Participated in design and implementation of a web-based brand communications system for the Stamford, CT startup company. The system was written in WebObjects with PostgreSQL backend. In addition to hands on design and coding, mentored the on-site development team.

August 2002 - July 2003: Upoc, New York, NY - Software Architect.

Designed and implemented various pieces of Upoc high volume wireless service [], including JMX monitoring of Java applications, MMS (multimedia messaging services) support for sharing pictures between the mobile phones and Upoc system, billing events tracking. Technologies used were Java, TopLink, Oracle, webservices.

Oct. 1999 - April 2002: Logical Process, Atlanta, GA - Senior WebObjects Consultant, team lead.

Worked as a subcontractor of Apple Computer Inc. Designed and developed various Internet systems, worked as a team lead. The projects included:

  • MediaTools. An online media portal and content managements system (CMS) called Jamfo. Responsibilities included overall system architecture, leading a team of 6 developers, coding and deployment. Technologies used were WebObjects/Sybase/Tomcat/Apache.
  • UPS. Developed car tracking system and general web security frameworks for UPS Application Service Provider (ASP) portal. Used WebObjects with Oracle backend.

Mar. 1999 - Oct. 1999: TIAA-CREF, New York, NY - WebObjects Consultant

Participated in design, coding and implementation of "WebCenter" [] - a set of WebObjects applications that provide account access and customer service functionality for clients of this insurance/retirement fund company. Created online booklet ordering application and account balance/history/reporting application.

May 1998 - Mar. 1999:, Atlanta, GA WebObjects Programmer/Analyst.

Participated in development of "Smart" - an online sales, ordering, provisioning and billing tool. Created a module for MRS (Managed Router Services) support. Supported "Smart" billing system.

Open Source Projects:

Apr. 2000 - present: ObjectStyle Open Source Initiative - founder, maintainer.

Founded ObjectStyle open source developer community [], a home of WOProject/WOLips and former home of Apache Cayenne.

2001 - present: Apache Cayenne - founder, architect, main developer; from January 2007 ? Cayenne VP of The Apache Software Foundation

Apache Cayenne is a Java Object Relational Mapping (ORM) framework []. Cayenne is used by many private, government and educational organizations around the world. Cayenne was started as an ObjectStyle project and is currently a part of the Apache Software Foundation. From day one and till present I am the main developer of Cayenne, with personal input including original idea, system architecture and coding the core modules. Cayenne consists of the core ORM stack, Swing CayenneModeler and Remote Object Persistence web service.

2001 - 2004: WOProject - founder, developer.

The project began as a set of tools to build WebObjects projects independent from platform and IDE based on Apache Ant technology []. With a later addition of a WOLips Eclipse plugin it has outgrown its original scope to become a full IDE platform for WebObjects development. WOProject/WOLips is an environment of choice for many WebObjects shops, including BBC, Disney, US Navy, and a number of universities. Personal input includes support of the core Ant and Maven build modules and the project infrastructure.


November 2004: Wrote an article showing shortcomings of Java Swing component model and suggesting a bindings-based approach - [].

June 2004: Wrote an article on Cayenne Object Relational Technology published on enterprise Java forum [].

June 2004: A guest speaker at Apple WWDC conference presenting WOProject open source Ant build tool.


MS in Chemistry, 1995: Belarusian State University, Minsk, Belarus

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